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LoginSecure Text Effects

Last Updated Jan 31, 2021
Visits 86

The LoginSecure Text Effects extension will grab the attention of your visitor by adding special effects to your text. There are a lot of different effects to choose from and it is really easy to apply to your content.

Extension features are:

Text effects for every website style

With 15+ different styles to choose from, there will always be one that fits right in with your website.

Save a lot of time

No longer waste a lot of time coding your own effects. Just simply, apply a class to the element with the text that needs to be changed and press save.

Usable with all webfonts!

Adjust effects by setting a specific font in your template stylesheet. Or use our Google Font extension and easily apply the class to the element.
(Our Google Font Extension link:

Joomla Module Functionality

An extension like this is generally expected to be a plugin. But we decided to make it a module instead.
Therefore it can be added anywhere you want with Joomla's {loadposition} syntax.
Or set the position as debug and assign to specific menu items.