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Search for JomSocial

Last Updated Jan 27, 2021
Visits 80

Extends standard Joomla search and allows your visitors to search for any kind of JomSocial content from any place of your site: users, groups, photos, videos, events, discussions and announcements. A must have for every JomSocial based community.


  • Allows to search in all kinds of JomSocial content: members, groups, statuses, photos, videos, events, discussions and announcements.
  • Content areas are fully customizable (or search in all, if empty).
  • Expand search by different parameters: private groups, locked discussions, passed events etc.
  • Create and display item thumb from assigned image.
  • Hide or display parent and category as text or link.
  • Open links in new or same window.
  • Make search case sensitive.
  • Greatly optimized code for faster searching.

NOTE: This plugin will work with standard Search only! For Smart Search you need Smart Search JomSocial plugin.

Do you need Search plugin for another component? Drop us an email to and we will create it for you!