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Search UnlockCoupon

Last Updated Jan 27, 2021
Visits 77

With this component you can search the service for Coupon Codes for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Services and Other Coupon Codes.

If You experience any issues with it, please contact us on

The component requires cUrl or filegetcontents php extensions in order to work, it needs to communicate with for getting the search results.

What is UnlockCoupon?
UnlockCoupon is a place where you can get coupon codes for software and services by sharing a link set by the coupon owner, when the number of shares set by the owner is reached you get the coupon code.

Software extensions owners can benefit from this service by giving coupon codes in exchange of free advertising made by the users, thus increasing their business opportunities and getting something back for giving discounts.

UnlockCoupon is a free service, anyone can get or offer coupon codes and discounts for services, software extensions etc.